Amsterdam and beyond

“Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom.
And in freedom, most people find sin.”

John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

Culture & history

Dr. Michel Didier, your private guide to Amsterdam

Hello, you cultured and historically interested visitor to Amsterdam.
You’ve stumbled upon the expertly guided tours of art historian, Dr. Michel Didier.

I have been living in this town since 1961, and pursued my studies of Art History here. Here’s a choice of the tours I have on offer:

Rembrandt, Vermeer, Golden Age


Stedelijk Museum
modern & contemporary art

Van Gogh Museum
200 paintings, world’s largest collection

Medieval Amsterdam
a miracle!

Jewish Amsterdam
discover the Jerusalem of the North

Amsterdam History Tour
ins and outs of the Golden Age

Old Town
beyond the Red Light District

Rembrandt’s Amsterdam
life and times of the greatest painters


Vincent van Gogh’s Amsterdam
ancient reformed churches, iron age

Anne Frank’s Amsterdam
the new quarter, where she lived 1934-1942

Amsterdam Culinary Tour
a taste of typical Amsterdam food & beverages

Amsterdam Maritime Tour
the shipyards of czar Peter the Great, the arsenal, the sailing ship replica

Amsterdam Tolerance Tour
religious, sexual, softdrug tolerance

Amsterdam Art Nouveau Tour
the most beautiful turn of the century houses

Outside Amsterdam

The Hague Historical Tour
where the court and the government are

The Hague Mauritshuis Museum
home to The Girl with the Pearl Earring

Judicial The Hague
UN judicial center, with Peace Palace and ICC

The Hague Kunstmuseum
extensive art collections, especially Mondrian and De Stijl

Museum Voorlinden
outside town, private contemporary art museum with international shows

Kröller-Müller Museum
in nature reserve, second-largest Van Gogh collection and extensive sculpture park



charming old town, with the Corrie ten Boom Museum

Hometown of Vermeer, Delft Blue, and the Royal Family tombs

For each of these tours, made to custom, personal transport can be provided for a modest extra cost.

Contact me by cell phone: #31 6 24217678, or by e-mail